Office Supplies



Effective and reliable stationery and office supplies division
Our Stationery and Office Supplies Division produces and sells artists’ materials, erasers, markers, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, refill leads, and many other stationery and office supplies. We have developed many world first products based on our superior technological prowess and creativity.

Our efficient stationery and office supplies marketing techniques

Our office supplies like computer is upgraded with newer energy efficient components. We upgrade to flat screen LCD monitors to reduce monitor energy use. These screens emit less radiation than compared to other screens. Unnecessary printing not only waste paper but also it wastes energy too. Managing your equipment and usage properly will allow you to save both. Energy consumed by printers varies widely, the faster the print speed and the higher the print quality the greater energy consumption. We print internal documents with no immediate time requirements on slower black and white machines.

We mainly deal with the supply of ballpoint and gel pens, drawing, coloring and painting materials, file folders and holders, highlighters and markers, paper clips and fasteners, paper-based products, pencils, school bags, and desktop supplies such as staplers and punchers.

We use color when absolutely necessary. We encourage staff to use print preview functions for checking layout and style instead of printing. We reduce the default print quality for internal documents and draft outputs to increase print speeds and reduce toner use. We also minimize print margins to minimize paper use. We raise awareness among our staff to know the energy that the printers use. We question if they print unnecessary documents or forget to collect them from printer.
We are fortifying the export capability of stationery and office supplies. We are strengthening their export competence mainly through design diversification. It is done either by branching out to related stationery products or making existing models more distinctive via novelty add-ons. For writing instrument suppliers, design work emphasizes barrel shapes and colors, as well as functionality. We have come up with highlighters that dispense ink only when the release button is pressed, and feature replaceable cartridges. These styles minimize ink consumption and are environment friendly.
Our suppliers of notebooks and pads highlight paper quality and shape. Our ballpoint pen manufacturers are now offering gel ink versions and pencils, while notepad suppliers are trying their hand at calendars and greeting cards. Simple items like paper clips have novelty cartoon accents to increase differentiation.